Creative reading and writing: exchange of teaching strategies in adult education


"Creative reading and writing: exchange of teaching strategies in adult education" is Erasmus+ adult strategic partnerships project for five partners from Poland, France, Estonia, Italy and Cyprus. The idea of the project intends media analysis and development of creative skills and capacity of adult educators who deal with media literacy and teach adult learners as final beneficiaries to think critically and analytically when use media and social media what allows them to face modern challenges - refugees crisis, unemployment, demography, etc - and can response in adequate and creative way. Project coordinator is Stowarzyszenie VESUVIO from Poland. Project duration is 1.09.2017-31.06.2019.


General objectives are the promotion of adult education and cooperation between partners, exchange of best practices in creative reading and writing across national borders.


The specific objectives of this project are to support partners organisations, to improve professionalism and quality level of educators and adult learners. Adult educators will improve their competences in media literacy and in planing and running own workshops.


This Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project aims


(i) to collect existing best practices in partners' organisations, countries, in Europe and in the world;


(ii) to test and edit existing and new tools during project trainings on local and international levels;


(iii) to multiply education tools during the local activities in partners countries;


(iiii) to train on local level adult learners, to give them opportunity to be heard and more visible.


The media approach in education for adults is targeted through non-formal learning methods, learning by doing, which aim at enhancing experiences and competences of staff members of partners organisations, learners and other stakeholders who will learn to analyze media texts from different angles, to learn how to write own texts for media and social media, create simple websites and newsletters. More than 50 staff members and adult learners from partners countries will be directly involved in the project, more than 100 will benefit from the project results and more than 500 will be involved indirectly during dissemination activities.


Four transnational project meetings in Estonia, France, Italy and Poland, one training course in Cyprus in combination with local activities will be complementary for exchange of best practices and learning from each other. Project will foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding and particularly during dissemination activities when partners will organise presentations they create during the project. Partners will disseminate at the highest possible level the knowledge acquired from this project in their organisations and countries, on regional, European and international levels.


One of the main results of this project will be intangible: the knowledge, skills, attitudes, they will be measured by self-assessment mechanisms, interviews and questionnaires. Self-assessment forms will be used before and after the trainings on international and local levels for staff members and adult learners. They will help to evaluate achievements and generate recommendations for future improvements of project activities. This information will be shared with all partners. Questionnaires will be used to evaluate project activities and the whole project.


Tangible project results can be used and exploited in the longer-term, especially collection of resources in creative reading and writing and adult education, they will be available in the Internet. Because they are e-products, they will be constantly added with new materials from project partner organisations and also from other institutions.


We assume that the impact of the project results will be used and multiplied in other organisations in Europe because the theme of the project is universal and materials and methods can be applied in all types of education.


Project will be sustainable because of strong network: partners together with few other organisations plan to apply with new Erasmus+ strategic partnership project which will include intellectual outputs.


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The project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This webpage section reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.